Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss

Is it weird or narcissistic to reblog your own work? Yeah, probably. But here’s a poem i wrote a week ago about Theodore Geisel. I’ll be reading several of his stories at bedtime, feel free to stop by and have a listen.—

How weird would it be, to live in a Dr.Seuss book?

Where the names of all things are gobbledygook.

Sure the people seem nice, pleasant, and formal,

But all suffer from problems one hardly calls normal.

They have these awesome machines of great girth and height,

But their crazy contraptions never work just quite right.

And the highways and bridges and buildings and tunnels

All look like shafts,spirals, and cylindrical funnels!

Its like an Escher painting in a Dr.Seuss town;

The stairs all go sideways, some even upside down.

And the names of his animals, I mean, what in tarnation

Was Dr.Seuss smoking to have such an imagination?

Some seem quite docile, others ready to pounce;

But all of them have names too hard to pronounce!

So I ask..

How long has it been, since you took a look?

‘Cause it sure would be weird living in a Dr.Seuss book!

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