Happy President’s Day!

  So this President’s Day, i thought my son and i could do some important “presidenty” things to celebrate. We painstakingly hand built our own log cabin.      

Next, we chopped down our own little cherry tree. 

After that, we had to take on some evil super villians, The British Empire. 

After that, we decided to emancipate all of the people who weren’t being treated fairly by freeing all slaves and sticking it to this angry white racist action figure guy (he was a real jerk) 

And after all that excitement, we still had some time to play an awesome few innings of America’s Favorite Pasttime!

 I will omit the irrelevant photos of us flying into space on our Rocket Powered Motorcycle and when we fought and killed those dragons and got swallowed into a black hole in the Bermuda Triangle and barely made it home in time for dinner until i can think of a holiday that might go well with those pictures. Meantime, hope you all have a Great President’s Day! and, i leave you with a quote- “I cannot tell a lie, Four Score!!”

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